A Spa For Everyone

We offer several lines of Cal Spas to ensure you get the perfect hot tub for your needs and wants!

Check out our most popular series


A luxurious, modern, high-performance spa with a minimal footprint that can fit in almost any space and design!


Adjustable controls allow for a fully-customizable relaxation experience at the end of every day.


A powerful spa series with luxurious features that comes standard like the Adjustable Therapy System™.


Enjoy the convenience of a complete aquatic exercise regime in the comforts of their own backyard.

The Spas Houston Difference

We exclusively stock Cal Spas, a consumer affairs highly rated hot tub brand. In addition to enjoying our spas with friends and family, we utilize the hydrotherapy in our spas to help increase your health and wellness.

Let the warm, flowing waters of your spa take your pain and frustration away with the confidence of knowing you’ve made a sound investment you’ll be enjoying for years to come. Each Cal Spas tub and swim spa is expertly engineered and constructed for unparalleled structural strength and long-lasting durability. Whether you’re entertaining friends or relaxing in quite solitude, the Cal Spas experience is one that will offer blissful enjoyment and comfort time and time again.

Why Choose Our Spas

We offer several sizes and feature sets in our spas to make sure you get exactly what you need.  Some of the reasons customers love our spas are:

Hydro-Massage Therapy

Our spas feature several seating arrangements, jet types and adjustable therapy options to massage you while you relax.

Ultimate Performance

From our ultra-quiet clean filtration systems, to our touch screen displays and controls, we make sure you get optimal performance from our spas.


Our puresilk ozonators and bio-clean antimicrobial filters work to prevent harmful bacteria and microbes from harming your water and spa.

Life Pleasures

We offer an array of features such as cascading waterfalls, multi-color LED spa lights and hydrostreamers to provide you with the ultimate spa experience.

What They Say About Cal Spas